We would love to hear from you even if you are not sure how you can help.
If you are interested, please –
use Contact Us above to send an email
or leave a message for Rachel May at 705-300-3251
or print the volunteer form …  GTLLI volunteer questionnaire , fill it out and drop it off at the Registrar’s table at a lecture.
If the printer icon is not visible on the form, click on the form to make it appear.

In addition to the satisfaction you will get in doing meaningful work with interesting people, you will be eligible to purchase tickets for the venue in which you volunteer, in advance of regular members and the general public.
GTLLI wants to make your volunteer experience enjoyable and rewarding. Volunteers can assist with the behind the scenes operations of GTLLI or on the day of the lecture. Without the contribution of our volunteers, we couldn’t run this organization and deliver this entertaining and intellectual experience.

Time and seasonal commitments vary and a full lecture year is not always required. Some jobs can also be shared.

Teams where you might find satisfying volunteer work include:
• Door greeters and walk-in ticket sales
• Volunteer luncheon
• Refreshment Committee
• Founders’ lecture (assist the past chair)
• Audio/visual support
• Video program
• Volunteer Co-ordinator
• Curriculum Committee (Investigate new topics as well as follow through with speakers to organize logistics with each speaker)
• Assist a Director on the teams for Registration, Website, Facilities, Communication and Finance (a great variety of possibilities here)
• Board of Directors (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary (shared position), Chairs of Registration, Website, Facilities, Communication, and Finance)