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Now Happening at GTLLI –

Broaden your Horizons this Winter with Humans in Space

. Six lectures livestreamed to your device as they are delivered on Fridays from 10am until noon.
. Videos of the recordings available until June 30, 2021.

Jan 08: The Race for Space – The Politics and Science of the ‘Final Frontier’
Jan 15: From Tang to Tricorders – Inventions and Innovations for Space Technology
Jan 22: Canadians in Space – From Training to Touchdown
Jan 29: A Manned Mission to Mars
Feb 05: Space Suits and Cinema – Getting the Space Science Right (and wrong!) in the Movies 
Feb 12: Hello?…Is There Anybody Out There?

Detailed Winter course description…..Read more
A single $50 purchase per household allows you to share your space adventure with your bubble.

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GTLLI 2020 Fall Lectures

3 days remaining of recorded GTLLI lectures 

 … free to account holders and members

To view the lecture of the week

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2020-21 Lectures

Due to the public health limitations on physical gatherings and the preferences of our Fall lecturers, it is not possible to offer our Fall program as planned.  Free lectures from previous seasons are available now…… free videos
For printable lecture descriptions …. GTLLI 2020/21 Fall Brochure

Winter…Tickets on sale now to anyone with a GTLLI account – 1 per household.
Log into your GTLLI account and go to Purchase Videos/Tickets on the main menu.
Dr. Tom Stiff will be coordinating our Winter course Humans in Space in 2021.  These  lectures will be livestreamed to your home on Friday mornings and available as recorded videos until Jun 30, 2021…. course description.
For a printable course description  ….GTLLI-2021-Winter-Brochure

 GTLLI is hoping to present Spring lectures on Friday mornings livestreamed to your home and as recorded video available for watching at a later time. Check this website for updates.




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