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Learning & Thriving in 2021





Thought provoking and always lively!

Sept 10 – Coming to Terms with Changing Nature.    Are we losing diversity in nature to rapid change and could there be opportunities to use these changes to benefit our natural world?  Lecturer:  Marc Cadotte is Professor of Ecology, U of T, Scarborough.

Sept 17 –  Whither the Weather?  What is Going On?  Can we live with the new “normal”?  What are the linkages between climate change and our unusual weather?  Lecturer: Ellsworth Drew, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Department of Geography and Environmental Management, University of Waterloo.

Sept 24 – Speaking Love to Power:  The Cinematic Legacy of Frank Capra.  Stephen Scharper, who enchanted GTLLI members in 2017 with his course on “The Genius of Alfred Hitchcock“, brings the silver screen to life with a lecture on Frank Capra.

Oct 1 – Managing Canada – U.S. Relations in Unpredictable Times.  America – do we go along to get along?  Lecturer Adam Chapnick, Professor of Defence Studies at the Royal Military College of Canada, is well-known to our GTLLI members.  He will examine what we can and should do.


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