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Russia Rising – 7 investigative Podcasts from Global News

Russia Rising 
is an investigative series of 7 podcasts hosted by Jeff Semple, the Europe Bureau Chief for Global News, This series will look at Russian Trolls, Cyberwarfare, Hacking, KGB agents, and The Putin Generation. Jeff is on the ground gathering stories to form pieces of a puzzle, to separate fact from fiction, and unravel the mystery of Russia’s rise.

GTLLI is bringing these podcasts to your attention because they supplement our recent Russian Century course.
For details of the first few podcasts, click on …. Russia-rising-first-episodes

To listen to these podcasts ….. click here on …. Russia Podcasts and select the episode you wish to hear.

Travel in Russia with the Friesens



In the 6 weeks of our Russian Century lectures, Dr. Leonard Friesen and his wife, Mary, gave us a 100 year historical tour from Tsar Nicholas to President Putin and some insight into Russian life and people. He mentioned many places in Russia and in particular, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Having lived in Moscow, they enjoy unique and different places which they like to share on the tours that they lead.


For more information ……. Treasures of Russia: Moscow and St. Petersburg


2018-19 Lecture Season

GTLLI VIDEO – online

Videos of completed 20018-19 lectures as well as 2 lectures from 2017-18 are on sale until June 2019. 
Two samples from the Perspectives series may be seen here…….watch video clips 

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GTLLI’s 2018-19 season continues Friday, March 29,  2019……. The Radio Documentary: ideas in Sound

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GTLLI 2018-19 Season Lectures

…….  read lecture descriptions
The live lectures have been completed. They are viewable in North America as recorded video.
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The live lectures have been completed. They are viewable in North America as recorded video.
to Videos on the main menu above.


THE RUSSIAN CENTURY, 1917-2017..... read course description
  Live lectures have been completed. They are viewable in North America as recorded video.
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