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GTLLI 2020-21 Season

We hope that you and your family are staying safe in the unique environment in which we are all living.
While we are known for delivering high-quality lectures to our membership, due to the current health situation, it is not possible to deliver our planned Fall 2020 program.
The 10 speakers for both fall series prefer to postpone their lectures rather than deliver them by livestreaming.  Also, the October 2020 Founders’ lecture has been rescheduled to Oct 2021.

GTLLI has been looking at other ways to continue your lifelong learning experience this fall. We are pleased that some of our past lecturers have given us their permission to present 10 of our best lectures from the past 4 seasons.  On Friday mornings, starting in early September, anyone with a GTLLI account will have access to one of these videos each week, free of charge, for a period of 1 week. The schedule of these lectures will be posted on our website later in the summer.

We are working hard to be able to offer you our Winter and Spring lectures in 2021, either in live environments safe for our members or by livestreaming to your homes and recorded videos.
Check the website regularly for updates.

Enjoy a safe and healthy summer.  Join us in September.

   2019-20 Season Videos have expired but starting in early September ….

10 of our best lectures from the past 4 seasons will be available free of charge to anyone with a GTLLI account. Each video will be viewable for a week.The schedule of these lectures will be posted under the VIDEO tab above later in the summer.


To our Volunteers…..

We want to thank you for your tremendous efforts this year as our organization navigated through many challenges. You have supported us through our development of Livestreaming to added venues and our new formatting during the COVID-19 crisis. All the success can be attributed to our volunteers and our members. We were not able to celebrate you in person in our usual fashion, but that does not diminish how much each of you have been appreciated by the GTLLI community…… read more.

Thanks to those who gave us valuable information by responding to our survey.

In summary, we were pleased at the response, the number of households who watched the lectures and the good level of satisfaction with the experience.  The feedback on attending live venues versus livestreaming and videos, and which venues you would attend gave us some guidance on what we may need to do in 2021…… read more

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When you log in to your account, If you are eligible to buy, the lock on Purchase Videos/Tickets will be removed.
You will become an annual member for the current season when you buy a regular course ticket (live or livestreamed). Inactive members who buy will have their status updated manually to active member within a day or two of buying a ticket. Videos do not include membership.
GTLLI does not offer refunds. Select your venue carefully.
*** Any ticket you buy will be waiting for you at the first lecture you attend in that venue.**



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Join the Volunteer Team at GTLLI
GTLLI is run by a team of dedicated volunteers who offer their time and talent to help make this organization what it is today.
In addition to the satisfaction you will get in doing meaningful work with interesting people, you will be eligible to purchase 2020-21 tickets for the venue in which you volunteer in advance of regular members and the general public. …… volunteer-information.