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GTLLI Schedule Changes

Weather conditions, power failures, illness of a lecturer etc may cause GTLLI to cancel a lecture.
As soon as possible, we will
alert those registered for a course by email and also post an alert here on the Home page.

Check your email and this website before you leave home.
If you share your tickets with a friend, remind them to check www.gtlli.ca.

Please remember how GTLLI communicates with you.

  • GTLLI sends you emails and receipts if we know your correct email address.
  • To prevent our emails from being identified as JUNK or SPAM in your mail box, add the following addresses to your address book or contact list
    registrargtlli@gmail.com (for email from the registrar)
    associateregistrargtlli@gmail.com (for email from the associate registrar)
    registrar@gtlli.ca (for receipts from your purchases on the website)


GTLLI on Video


Winter is here.
If you like staying warm at home, or plan to head for warmer climates - invite a friend and enjoy this next GTLLI event in your favourite chair, with your own beverage and at a time of your choosing. Turn the volume as loud as you like and pause and replay as desired. Even the usual handout and reading list will be on-line and printable. .........read more


Walk-In Single Lecture Tickets

Although all Courses in the Church Hall are sold out, not everyone who buys a ticket for a lecture is able to attend when the time comes.
Lecture by lecture, if we anticipate having empty seats in the Hall, we will offer a limited
number of Walk-In single-lecture tickets.
Check this website for up-to-date information on ticket availability.
For more information, click on Walk-in Ticket Process


Next in 2017-18

Winter Course - Jan12 - Feb16, 2018
Religion, Peace and Conflict in the 21st Century - SOLD OUT

Two days after the live lecture, this course will be available as a video through your computer, tablet, phone or smart TV..... read more.


Previous Course -  Inside Archaeology
For handouts, slides, reading lists etc provided by the lecturer for LOGGED-IN members, click on Extras.

Lecture 1 - October 13:  The Birth of Humanity
Lecture 2 - Oct. 20: Who Discovered the Americas?
Lecture 3 - Oct. 27: Origins of Art
Lecture 4 - Nov. 3: The Jomon of Japan: the Most Successful Culture in History
Lecture 5 - Nov. 17: Dawn of Farming in Ancient China
Lecture 6 - Nov.24: The Origin of Maize Farming in Ontario

GARY CRAWFORD, FRSC, is a Professor in the Dept. of Anthropology at U.of T., Mississauga.  His archaeological research has taken him throughout eastern North American, China and Japan.  He is co-author of Human Evolution and Prehistory, and he hosted and co-authored a TVO series: Archaeology from the Ground Up.

GTLLI In 2017-18


  • All 2017-18 courses in the Church Hall are sold out.

  • The online video version of the Winter Course will be available to members or non members..... read more

  • Schedule changes and cancellations will be posted on this website as soon as available and emails sent to those with tickets for the event.

  • Courses are held at the New Life Church, 28 Tracey Lane in Collingwood

  • Car pooling is recommended. Please cooperate with the parking attendants.

  • Starting time is 10:00 am. Attendees will be seated after 9:35 when the lecturer has set up and sound checks are completed.

  • Your personalized tickets for the entire season, with attached lanyard, will be available at the Registrar's desk at the first lecture you attend. The lanyard with ticket must be worn for entry to each lecture.

2017-18 Season

perspectivesPerspectives  Sept. 8 - 29   Sold Out  

. Canada in the World in 2017
.Wrongful Convictions Revisited
.Guts... The Inside Story
.The Architecture of Power: Building Rome's Basilica of St. Peter

Read more.....

Fall Course   Oct. 13 - Nov. 17   Sold Out
INSIDE ARCHAEOLOGY:  Tracing our Complex Past

Read More.....

Winter Course    Jan 12 - Feb 16    Sold Out

Read more..... 

law 2Spring Course    Apr. 6 - May 11     Sold Out
THE LAW TODAY:  Things to Know About

Read more.....