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Extinct Civilizations & Cultures – ON SALE NOW!

Join us for a fascinating journey through ancient history.

See the outline of lectures –  
2021- 22 Brochure

IF YOU PURCHASED AN IN-PERSON TICKET, you now have a livestream ticket. Please to go to VIEW on the menu bar above, then hover over Livestream and click on  “DV170LS-Winter Series” to view.

Buy now to livestream in the comfort of your home (Fridays 10-11:30am) January 14 to February 18.


Plus you can enjoy the video at a time of your choosing until June 30, 2022.  Videos will be available 4 days after the livestream event.  To access the video:


1.  Go to VIEW on the Menu bar. The dropdown menu will show both “Livestream” and “Recordings”
2.  Hover over “Recordings” – click on the heading “Winter 2022”.


Due to recent deveIopments beyond our control with Covid 19, the winter series available as LIVESTREAM only and video.




If you want to purchase a lecture series, go to “My Account”, Log In and then go to “Purchases”.
If you need to create a new account, go to “My Account”, complete the form and submit it, then go to “Purchases”.




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GTLLI is run by a team of dedicated volunteers who offer their time and skills to help make this organization what it is today.   If you are looking to volunteer, we are interested in  hearing from you.  To find out what is available, send us an email at info@gtlli.ca