To create a new account –

1. Read the important detail below.
2. If you are already logged in to your account, go to My Account and log out before trying to create a new account.
Click on Log In/Create Account on the main menu.
Click on Register New Account
Complete the information requested.

*** A new account will show the owner as ‘Not a current member’ until the Registrar confirms their status as a member and manually updates it, which may take a few days but will be done long before sales begin. An Active Member is one who had a regular course ticket within the previous 2 years. Check again before sales start and if the account shows ‘Not a current member’ when it should be ‘Active Member ‘, use Contact Us on the main menu to ask the Registrar to correct the status.

*** A unique email address is necessary to create a GTLLI account, to buy tickets and get receipts, to recover lost passwords and to communicate with GTLLI.
If you have a unique email address, enter it

*** If you do not have any email address or share one with another GTLLI account holder, there are 2 options to provide the mandatory unique email address ……
. either create a separate email address for yourself (eg gmail address)
. or enter a fake email address using exactly this format…..

for example and
This specific fake address will allow you to create an account but does not function for email.
You will not receive any communication through it.

When buying for 2 people, the ticket buyer should be the account with the earliest access and the valid email

.*** your username is whatever you chose to log in with in the future. You can also sign in with your email address.
Choose something easy to remember and easy to key in. It must be unique to you.