Video Schedule 2018-19

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. 4 individual
Perspectives lectures ($10 each)
. the bundle of 4 Perspective lectures ($32)
. the bundle of 6 Stratford lectures ($48)   Individual lectures available later.
, the bundle of 6 Russia lectures ($48)     Individual lectures available later.
. the bundle of 6 Radio Docs lectures ($48)   Individual lectures available later.

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PERSPECTIVES                                         Viewable Sunday to Sunday
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1. Is Digital Journalism making us “Stupider”?…..Sept 9 – Sept 23
2. Treaty Making and Breaking in Canada……….Sept 16 – Sept 30
3. Inuit Art in Canada……………………………….Sept 23 – Oct 7
4. Dialects in Ontario………………………………..Sept 30 – Oct 14

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1. The Art of Theatre at the Stratford Festival………….Oct 14 – Oct 28
2. Getting Scripts up on Stage………………………….. Oct 21 – Nov 4
3. Revising Shakespeare for Stratford Stages………… Oct 28 – Nov 11
4. Creating the Physical ‘World’ of a Play ………………Nov 4 – Nov 18
5. Running the Show: the Art of Stage Management… Nov 11 – Nov 25
6. Reviewing the Stratford Festival…………………….  Nov 18 – Dec 2

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  1. From Nicholas 11 to Lenin:
    Russia and the Revolutionary Year of 1917……Jan 13 – Jan 27
  2. Triumph and Devastation:
    The Stalinist Revolution of the 1930s…………..Jan 20 – Feb 3
  3. Horrific World War, Avoidable(?) 
    Cold War, 1939-1949………………………..……Jan 27 – Feb 10
  4. From Khrushchev to Brezhnev: 
    The Soviet Union from 1953-1985……………….Feb 3 – Feb 17
  5. The Gorbachev Revolution: From Perestroika
    to Glasnost to Stunning Collapse, 1985-1991….Feb 10 – Feb 24
  6. Russian Resurgence: Yeltsin, Putin and Life
    after Soviet Collapse, 1991-2017………………..Feb 17 – Mar 3

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  1. Where Ideas Come From………March 31 – April 14
  2. The Documentary Idea………..April 7 – April 21
  3. Composing with Sound………..April 14 – April 28
  4. Tell Me a Story…………………April 28 – May 12
  5. The Nuts and Bolts…………….May 5 – May 19
  6. “Contrapuntal Radio: the documentaries of Glenn Gould…..May 12 – May 26

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A Message from the Chair

Dear Lifelong Learners –
We are pleased with the response to the exceptional 2018/2019 lecture series that the Curriculum Committee has put together – once again. The value of these lectures is recognized by so many that demand for some lectures often exceeds the number of seats available. The Video bundles will remain on sale for everyone at the current price until Sept 1, when individual lectures will also be available.

This year we implemented a new website and registration system to correct problems and ensure a fair distribution of tickets. Volunteers provided phone support for those purchasing.

Your board has spent considerable time and effort exploring ways to efficiently use what capacity we have and making lectures more widely available. Seats were added in the back of the New Life Church so we could offer more tickets. Walk-ins fill empty seats unused by members. We investigated a video link to the New Life gym as well as moving to a larger venue. They did not meet our cost, timing, frequency of use and facility requirements.

Our Video Program provides professionally recorded lectures via the internet to your TV, computer, tablet or smartphone – at home or wherever you travel. It has been used by many, some of whom have hosted small discussion groups or lectures parties.

With the influx of new people to the region, the unmet demand for stimulating sessions will continue to grow. GTLLI would support the creation of a second Lifelong Learning organization in the region, which could offer more live lectures or perhaps peer-led groups that use our videos as a basis for discussion. This peer-led format is used in many other lifelong learning organizations.

For those of you who did not get the courses you wanted this year, we understand your disappointment. Walk-in tickets and the video option are both excellent ways to view/attend a lecture when you have been unable to purchase a ticket.

If you would like to support the formation of a second Lifelong Learning or have ideas, questions or feedback, contact us at or leave a message at 705 300-3251.

Have a great summer
David H. Green
Chair, GTLLI