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From the 2018-19 Perspective Lecture series……

Click on …… Is Digital Journalism Making Us Stupider?  

Click on …… Treaty Making and Breaking in Canada. (3 clips joined)

After viewing a video, click on the recycle icon on the left to get the control bar back. Then click on the 4-dot icon to get out of full screen.

When viewing the video –
Use the control bar across the bottom. If it disappears, click on the bottom area and it will reappear.
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You can stop and start the video and watch it as often as you like. By moving the narrow blue moving line back with your finger or cursor, you can repeat a section.

GTLLI Goes to Stratford **Sold Out**

This trip was available to anyone with a GTLLI account.
Both buses have been filled.

DATE: Thursday, May 23rd, 2019 (2:00pm Matinee)
THEATRE: The Festival Theatre
ADDITIONAL ACTIVITY: Question and Answer with Actors.
COST: $110.00. Includes admission (Premium seating), Q&A, and Bus (Hammond Coach)
DEPARTURE: 9:00 am from Metro parking lot.
ARRIVE STRATFORD: 11:30am (Purchase lunch at theatre or local restaurant, or picnic in the park)
DEPART STRATFORD: 5:30pm (Approx.)

Contact Charlotte O’Dea at or 705-445-9718 (leave a phone # and request). 



Frequently Asked Questions

Invitation to attend the AGM as a voting member
Opportunity to become a Volunteer
Qualify for early ticket sales
Receive email reminders of lectures and schedule changes

. T
he purchase of a 2018-19 regular course ticket includes a 2018-19 membership.
. Memberships are not included with Founders’ Lecture tickets or video passes.

GTLLI does not maintain a mailing list or keep a waiting list for tickets or membership.
. To receive communication from GTLLI, you must register to create an account.
 . Create an account by going to Login/Create Account on the main menu.

. Those who registered by creating a GTLLI account will receive email reminders when sales of regular course tickets start in June.
. Founders’ Tickets and Video passes will be advertised on this site when available and do not require or bestow Membership.

. Ticket sales for regular courses and passes for Video lectures are online through this website.
. If they are available, Purchase Tickets /Passes option will appear on the main menu above.
. You must log in to your account to identify yourself.
. Purchase Tickets/Passes will remain ‘locked’ if you are not eligible to purchase at that time.
. GTLLI does not refund purchases. Re-sell privately or gift your extra ticket.

. Anyone may buy Founders’ Lecture tickets for others.
. Video lecture passes must be bought by the person who plans to view them. You log in to your GTLLI account to view them.

. Yes – For regular courses – Perspectives, Fall, Winter, Spring
. During the sales window limited to Members –
. Members may purchase 2 tickets, one with their name and one for another current Member.
. There is a limit of 2 tickets per course. Both must be Members.
. You will be asked to select the name of the other member from a list of active members.

. When sales are open to non-members – there is a limit of 2 tickets per person per course, but no membership requirement.

. Payment is made by credit card or VISA gift card through your GTLLI account.
. The Purchase Ticket/Passes option will also lead you through the process.

. For regular courses, the entire season’s tickets are personalized and can be picked up with an attached lanyard at the first lecture you attend. The lanyard with ticket must be worn for entry to each lecture.
. Tickets for Founders’ Lectures are not personalized. You receive your ticket at the time of a cash sale or use your receipt as proof of purchase when you buy online.
. When you buy a video pass, that purchase is recorded on the website. When you log into your account, the website recognizes you as a pass buyer and allows you access to that video. No physical pass is provided.

. You can check this website’s HOME page for program changes.
. GTLLI send you emails and receipts if we know your correct email address. It must be a valid unique email address.
. Add the following addresses to your address book or contact list to prevent those emails from being identified as JUNK or SPAM.,,
. You can send an email to or leave a message at GTLLI at 705 300-3251 or use Contact Us.

. Regular courses are held at the New Life Church, 28 Tracey Lane, Collingwood East off Hurontario, North of Poplar Side Road, Fridays 10 am–12 pm.
. If available, recorded videos of lectures are on this website 2 days after the live lecture ……gtllis-video-program.
. Founders’ Lectures are usually held at Craigleith Ski Club.

Ticket Buying – Detailed Instructions

Have your credit card ready – Visa, Mastercard or Visa gift card. We use Stripe (similar to Paypal) to process your transactions.

Log In to your GTLLI account using your GTLLI username or email and your password.  Logging in tells the system who you are.

Select Purchase Tickets/Passes on the main menu. It will unlock if you are eligible to buy at the time. Read the instructions before buying.

Click on the cart icon on the main menu to make sure your cart is empty to start. If it is not empty, empty it by clicking on the X beside any item you wish to remove. CONTINUE TO SHOP.

For each course you want to attend, click on the course icon. If you already have a ticket or your choice is OUT OF STOCK, go to Purchase Tickets/Passes on the main menu to choose another. Video courses never sell out.

You will be asked who the ticket(s) is for – yourself and/or a companion. check off the appropriate box(boxes).
If you are buying for two people –  the companion ticket can only be bought for others who are eligible at that time. Enter your companion’s last name and SEARCH. When the correct name appears, to confirm your choice, select the name and ADD the companion’s name to your request. Then ADD again to put you both in your cart. If the search for the companion is not successful, try again by entering the first name only or a variation of the name (eg Barb in stead of Barbara or MacLean instead of McLean). It is possible they may not be eligible to get a ticket at that time, not have an account or already have that ticket. If you believe that is an error, use Contact Us on the main menu to resolve the problem.

ADD TO CART if you want the ticket.

CONTINUE SHOPPING if you want to buy another course/event. Purchases will appear in your cart, one by one, as you add them. There is a limit of 2 tickets per person per course.

BEFORE you PROCEED TO CHECKOUT, verify that the items in your cart are correct. You can delete any item by clicking on the X .

Continue through PROCEED TO PAY. Enter your credit card information.  MM/YY is the card expiry date. CVC is the code on the back of the card. Post code is the Canadian postal code. 

You will receive an immediate online confirmation and an email receipt for your purchase. If you do not receive the receipt, check your spam.

Personalized tickets for all your courses will be available at the Registrar’s desk at the first lecture you attend.

Lost or Incorrect Password? Need to reset?

1. Click the Lost your Password? to take you to the reset page.
2. Type in your email address.
3. Click Reset Password.
4. A password reset email will be sent to you within 10 minutes.
5. When you get the email, click on the link to reset your password” that it contains.
You will be taken back to the GTLLI web site with 2 boxes to fill in.
     Type your new password in both boxes.
7. Click SAVE.
8. This will take you to the login page with all your information already entered.
9. Click LOG IN.

Creating an Account

To create a new GTLLI account –

If you are creating a new account for someone else, log out of your own account before proceeding.

1. Go to Log In/Create Account on the main menu.
Click on Register New Account.
Complete the information requested.

*** A new account will show the owner as ‘Not a current member’ until the Registrar confirms their status as a member and manually updates it, which may take a few days. An Active Member is one who purchased a regular course ticket within the previous 2 years. Check later and if the account shows ‘Not a current member’ when it should be ‘Active Member ‘, use Contact Us on the main menu to ask the Registrar to correct the status.

*** A unique email address is necessary to create a GTLLI account, to buy tickets and get receipts, to recover lost passwords and to communicate with GTLLI.
If you have a unique email address, enter it

*** If you do not have any email address or share one with another GTLLI account holder, there are 2 options to provide the mandatory unique email address ……
. either create a separate email address for yourself (eg gmail address)
. or enter a fake email address using exactly this format…..

for example and
This specific fake address will allow you to create an account but does not function for email.
You will not receive any communication through it.

*** When buying for 2 people, the ticket buyer should be the account with the earliest access and the valid email

.*** your username is whatever you chose to log in with in the future. You can also sign in with your email address.
Choose something easy to remember and easy to key in. It must be unique to you.