2018-19 Lecture Season


GTLLI’s mandate is to provide learning opportunities for those who live in Georgian Bay communities.
In offering a website and videos, we hope to enable those who travel outside our community to enjoy the lectures they would otherwise miss.
For security reasons, the company who hosts our website recommends that access be restricted to North America. Your GTLLI Board agrees.

In North America, a video will continue to be available 2 days after each live lecture for a period of 2 weeks.
Those videos will be sold a second time after the course has been completed.
If you are travelling outside North America, buy the video when you return.


GTLLI’s 2018-19 season continues Friday, Oct 19 with the 2nd lecture of Behind the Scenes at the Stratford Festival.
Seana McKenna and Miles Potter will speak on Getting Scripts up on Stage.
Hall tickets are sold out but a limited number of $10 walk-in tickets will be available ….Read more.

Due to construction, Tracy Lane, the road into the church has been reconfigured.
Please use caution and patience when entering or exiting. Carpooling is strongly recommended.

GTLLI VIDEO – in North America
Every lecture is viewable as recorded video 2 days after the live event ..….GTLLI’s Video Program
Videos of the completed Perspectives lectures are also on sale until Dec 30. They are viewable for 15 days after your purchase.
Videos of other courses are sold during the course as well as after the course is completed.
See GTLLI Video schedule ……GTLLI’s video schedule

Anyone in North America with a GTLLI account may buy
our lectures – live or video. We accept credit cards and gift cards. No refunds.
To buy video passes or tickets to a live lecture, log into your account and go to Purchase Tickets/Passes. If you do not have an account, Create Account above.

Descriptions of all lectures are available below and in a printable brochure…. .. GTLLI- 2018-19-Brochure


GTLLI 2018-19 Season Lectures

…….  read lecture descriptions
For extra material provided by the lecturers…… resource-material

 The live lectures have been completed. They are viewable in North America as recorded video on your computer, tablet, Smart phone or TV.
They will remain on sale into December and are viewable for the 15 days immediately following your purchase.
For information on viewing videos…. Read more
To purchase videos, go to Purchase Tickets/ Passes on the main menu above.

 Live lectures are SOLD OUT.
Single lecture videos ($10) and the bundle of 6 videos ($48) are on sale now.

THE RUSSIAN CENTURY, 1917-2017..... read the course description
  Live lectures are SOLD OUT.
The bundle of 6 videos is on sale now for $48.
Single video lectures ($10) will be available closer to the lecture.


Live lectures, 6 for  $42 –  March 29, Apr 5, 12, 26, May 3, 10
The bundle of 6 videos is on sale now for $48.
Single video lectures ($10) will be available closer to the lecture.


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