1. Log In to your GTLLI account so the system knows who you are.
2. Click on MY ACCOUNT/Account details.
3. Click on Video Passes to see which video passes you have.
4Click on the video that you want to watch.
5.You will see two VIEW options.
      The first VIEW you see is the link to Extra Material provided by lecturers. The material is listed according to the date of the live lecture.
The second VIEW is the lecture itself.
6. If you have a bundle of 6 lectures, they will be stacked chronologically, the earliest at the top.
Scroll down to see later lectures.

Hints on viewing:
Use the control bar across the bottom. If it disappears, move the cursor/your finger on the bottom area and it will reappear.

Volume control will vary with the device you are using. There are small vertical volume bars on the control bar or you may have to use the volume control on your particular device or the volume control on the TV itself. Try all to see what combination works for you. If still not loud enough, you can use headphones or the small earphone buds which plug into your Laptop/IPad/tablet/phone to improve the sound.

Size is controlled by the little 4-dot icon on the right on the control bar. Clicking that will make it full screen and easier to see. When you want to get out of the video, (depending on the device you are using), click on ESC OR get the control bar back by clicking on the lower screen and then click on that same 4-dot icon to get out of full screen.

Where you are in the lecture can be changed. You can stop and start the video and watch it as often as you like. By moving the narrow blue moving line back with your finger or cursor, you can repeat a section.

Seeing the video on a TV
If you have a SMART TV, log in to the website on it.
If you don’t have a Smart TV, what you see on your computer/laptop/tablet can be ‘mirrored’ on your TV.
Go to  viewing-gtlli-videos-at-home and follow the blue links.

Sharing a Video
You have purchased/been given viewing access to a video. You have not bought the video itself.
You may watch it as often as you like and invite anyone to watch it with you.
Remember to notice its expiry date.