On whatever device or TV you use, you must eventually –

• get to www.gtlli.ca
• log in to your GTLLI account with your username and password
• click on the Video Passes in your account
• select the video for which you bought a pass

Maximize your viewing pleasure by using the volume, screen size and quality controls on the video screen and your computer/tablet/phone/TV.
if they are not visible on the video, click on or touch the bottom of the video.

If you would like help in connecting your computer, tablet, Smart phone etc to your TV, contact us using  Video Questions  or leave a message at 705 300-3251.

Devices you can use to get to www.gtlli.ca and the video –

1) On a computer (laptop or desktop/tower, tablet (e.g. IPad) or smart phone, such as an IPhone or an Android device –
     Open your browser (MS Edge, IE, Safari, Firefox, Google, etc) and go to the website www.gtlli.ca

2) ON A SMART TV – use the web browser to go to www.gtlli.ca.

3) ON A NON-SMART TV – You can send video and audio from your computer, tablet or smartphone to your TV using one of the following methods –

i. Direct Cable
The easiest way is to use an HDMI cable from the computer to the TV’s HDMI input. Cables are available at places like Staples, The Source and Walmart or online through Amazon..

ii. Wirelessly
A wireless method is possible from computers, tablets or smartphones.
To do this, you need a receiving device on your TV and a program on your computer, tablet or smartphone to cast the image from there to the receiving program installed on your TV  – (AppleTV or Chromecast). There are other devices available for streaming or casting the videos and images to your TV. In all cases, please check the manual and website associated with the device for setup and streaming of videos.

a) If you have Apple devices, you need Apple TV for your TV and Airplay on your Apple computer, iPad or iPhone. Airplay comes installed on Apple products.

b) If you have Android devices, you need Chromecast for your TV and Google Home app on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Google Home comes installed on these devices.

A good website for help is…..