Video Sample – Treaty Making and Breaking in Canada

The foundation of the relationship between Indigenous peoples and Canadians is the treaty. But treaties are misunderstood, with overlapping agreements across regions as well as divergent interpretations. This presentation considers three eras of treaties, from Indigenous-led treaty-making to confederation-era treaties, and so-called modern treaties, and reflects on their consequences.

Hayden King is from Beausoleil First Nation on Gchi’mnissing in Huronia, Ontario, and was partly raised in Collingwood. He has been teaching Indigenous politics and policy since 2007 with academic positions at McMaster, Carleton and Ryerson universities. Currently in the Faculty of Arts at Ryerson he is the Director of the Yellowhead Institute. He is also an adjunct professor of research at Carleton and a Senior Fellow at Massey College. He previously served as the Senior Policy Advisor to the Ontario Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs, Director of Research at the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, Scholar-in-Residence at the Conference Board of Canada.