Video Sample – Is Digital Journalism Making Us ‘Stupider’?

V51 Is Digital Journalism Making Us ‘Stupider’?
The news landscape is being deformed by “fake” news sites, bots and disinformation created by Macedonian teenagers. The Internet drives audiences to clickbait and cat videos. Mainstream news organizations struggle to make their news sites profitable again. Yet the urgent need for reliable information remains. The future of our democracy depends on us being more skeptical and more “news literate.”

Jeffrey Dvorkin is director of the journalism program at the University of Toronto (Scarborough). He has an M.A (Modern European History) University of Toronto and an M.Phil. (International History) London School of Economics. Through the 1990s, he was responsible for all journalistic content as Managing Editor and Chief Journalist for CBC Radio. In 1997, he was named Vice-President, News and Information at NPR in Washington, DC where he subsequently became NPR’s first news ombudsman. His take on our digital dilemma, “Critical News Literacy” is being published by Routledge.