Have your credit card ready – Visa, Mastercard or Visa gift card. We use Stripe (similar to Paypal) to process your transactions.

Log In to your GTLLI account using your GTLLI username or email and your password.  Logging in tells the system who you are.

Select Purchase Tickets/Passes on the main menu. It will unlock if you are eligible to buy at the time. Read the instructions before buying.

Click on the cart icon on the main menu to make sure your cart is empty to start. If it is not empty, empty it by clicking on the X beside any item you wish to remove. CONTINUE TO SHOP.

For each course you want to attend, click on the course icon. If you already have a ticket or your choice is OUT OF STOCK, go to Purchase Tickets/Passes on the main menu to choose another. Video courses never sell out.

You will be asked who the ticket(s) is for – yourself and/or a companion. check off the appropriate box(boxes).
If you are buying for two people –  the companion ticket can only be bought for others who are eligible at that time. Enter your companion’s last name and SEARCH. When the correct name appears, to confirm your choice, select the name and ADD the companion’s name to your request. Then ADD again to put you both in your cart. If the search for the companion is not successful, try again by entering the first name only or a variation of the name (eg Barb in stead of Barbara or MacLean instead of McLean). It is possible they may not be eligible to get a ticket at that time, not have an account or already have that ticket. If you believe that is an error, use Contact Us on the main menu to resolve the problem.

ADD TO CART if you want the ticket.

CONTINUE SHOPPING if you want to buy another course/event. Purchases will appear in your cart, one by one, as you add them. There is a limit of 2 tickets per person per course.

BEFORE you PROCEED TO CHECKOUT, verify that the items in your cart are correct. You can delete any item by clicking on the X .

Continue through PROCEED TO PAY. Enter your credit card information.  MM/YY is the card expiry date. CVC is the code on the back of the card. Post code is the Canadian postal code. 

You will receive an immediate online confirmation and an email receipt for your purchase. If you do not receive the receipt, check your spam.

Personalized tickets for all your courses will be available at the Registrar’s desk at the first lecture you attend.