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2017-18 Religion, Peace and Conflict in the 21st Century Extras
2018-02-16 Women-in-World-Religions
2018-02-09 What are They Saying about Jesus Today?
2018-02-02 The Globalization of Addiction as Spiritual Crisis

2018-01-26 Canadian Jihadis – No handout provided
2018-01-19 On Being Muslim – No handout provided by the lecturer.
2018-01-12 The Pope the Poor and The Planet

2017-18 Archaeology Extras
2017-11-24 Origin of Maize Farming in Ontario
2017-11-10 Early China Agriculture
2017-11-03 Jomon Culture
2017-10-27 Origins of Art

2017-10-20 Discovered Americas
2017-10-13 Birth of Humanity

2017-18-Perspectives Extras
09-29 Architecture
2017-09-22 GUTS

2017-09-08 Canada 2017

2016-17 Perspectives Extras
2016-17 Health Extras
2016-17 Poetry Extras
2016-17 Suspense Craft Extras