1.Go to MY ACCOUNT and log in using your GTLLI username/password
Your account will list your previous ORDERS (completed or cancelled).

2. HAVE YOUR CREDIT CARD ready . GTLLI uses Stripe (at no cost to you) to manage every transaction.

3.EMPTY YOUR CART before you begin to buy tickets. Click on the cart icon above to look into your shopping cart.
If it is not empty, empty it now by clicking on the X beside any item you wish to cancel.


5. FOR EACH COURSE YOU WANT TO ATTEND click on the course icon.

6. If your choice is OUT OF STOCK, go to Purchase Tickets/Passes on the main menu to choose another.

7. Video courses never sell out and are limited to 1 video course, per person.

8. For Regular Courses, If not sold out, check off the tickets you want for the course/event you want to buy. Indicate who the ticket(s) are for. Your name goes on the first ticket.  The companion ticket can only be bought for others who are eligible at that time. Eg You may only buy for another member unless sales are open to the public.
Key in your companion’s last name and SEARCH. When it appears, ADD the companion’s name and then ADD you both to cart. If the search  for the companion is not successful, they may not be eligible to get a ticket at that time. If you believe that is an error, use Contact Us to resolve the problem.

8. CONTINUE SHOPPING if you want to buy another course/event. Purchases will appear in your cart, one by one, as you add them. There is a limit of 2 tickets per person per course.  Both ticketholders must be members unless sales of that ticket are open to the public.  

7. BEFORE you PROCEED TO CHECKOUT,  verify that the items in your cart are correct. You can delete any item by clicking on the X .

8. CHECK OUT with your credit card.
. Any field with a * must be filled in.
. Continue through PROCEED TO PAY.

9. Enter your credit card information OR go to Purchase Tickets/Passes OR back out of the transaction. Post code is the Canadian postal code.

GTLLI will email you an order confirmation.  It may take a longer time when the system is very busy. Save them.

 Personalized tickets for all your course/events will be available at the Registrar’s desk at the first lecture you attend.
There are no physical tickets for videos. When the video becomes available, log into MY ACCOUNT and look under Video Passes.