You know who you are and all our volunteers have received an email thanking them but to protect your privacy we are not listing names here on the website.

Thank you to the group at New Life Church- 

  • Refreshment Team
  • Door Greeters
  • Facilities Helpers
  • Walk-In Sales
  • Registrar’s Assistant
  • Volunteer Co-ordinator

Thank you to those at all our Livestream Venues –

  • Simcoe Street Theatre
  • Wasaga Beach
  • Creemore Station on the Green

Thank you to the Technical Co-ordinator and his team at the Livestream Venues and New Life Church.  Thanks to them, we were able to deliver the successful Spring lecture series.

Thank you to the members of the Founder’s Lecture Committee who worked throughout this year to plan a Founder’s Lecture for 2020 and then had to adapt due to the virus.

Thank you to the Curriculum Committee who tirelessly helped with the logistics of cancelling, reorganizing and implementing changes during the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

  • With special thanks to Penny, who is retiring, for her many years of dedicated contribution to this Committee. She has managed many lecture series and for several years took on the extra role as Secretary. Her contribution to Curriculum has been invaluable.
    Sincere appreciation to Judy, who is also retiring, for her valuable contribution to the Committee as a manager of many series as well as her tireless efforts organizing and preparing our Brochure each year.

Thank you to the Board members who attended extra meetings and took on additional tasks to tackle the challenges of growing our organization this year with the new Livestream venues and adapting our delivery so that we could still operate during the current COVID-19 situation.

  • With Special recognition to the Director of Registration who led her team through various ticketing challenges and multiple venues to expand our reach into the Community and for their support delivering the Spring series through livestreaming at home. Her extra hours during this year, have been greatly appreciated.
    Grateful acknowledgement to the Acting Director of Communications for staying on with the Board an extra year beyond her intended retirement to help guide us through the Website and Communication logistics of this year. We have relied on her heavily and would not have been able to do without her tremendous assistance.
    Thank you to Joanne for her contribution as Director of Communication as she retires from the Board this year.

This is a volunteer-based organization and quite simply could not run as it does without the countless hours put in by all of you. We look forward to when we can gather again in person and celebrate together.

With Sincere Appreciation from the GTLLI Organization,
Sarah Dennis