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GTLLI’s Winter and Spring Lecture Series

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Mar 26:  Hotter, Wetter, Wilder:  Preparing for Climate Change
Apr 9:  Mozart Matters
Apr 16:  Importance of Political Trust in Society
Apr 23:  Populism in 21st Century Politics
Apr 30:  Forensics in Crime Solving
May 7:  Trophies and Talismans:  The Traffic of Human Remains


Winter Space Series Videos are available … read more

Jan 08: The Race for Space – The Politics and Science of the ‘Final Frontier’
Jan 15: From Tang to Tricorders – Inventions and Innovations for Space Technology
Jan 22: Canadians in Space – From Training to Touchdown
Jan 29: A Manned Mission to Mars
Feb 05: Space Suits and Cinema – Getting the Space Science Right (and wrong!) in the Movies
Feb 12: Hello?…Is There Anybody Out There?