To get a ticket for a GTLLI course or video, you must have a GTLLI account.
Each GTLLI account holder must have a unique email address.

If 2 people in your household share an email address, only one can use it when creating their GTLLI online account.
We recommend that one of you create a separate personal email account.

The alternative is to use the following ‘fake’ address format that we have created which the system will recognize only for the purpose of setting up your account… This is  NOT a useable email account and it will not receive any communication from GTLLI.

When purchasing tickets or videos from GTLLI, sign in to the account of the person who has the valid email address.
The fake address will not receive order confirmations or receipts.

We suggest you not log in to the account with a fake email address. If you do, use your username to sign in rather than the fake email as the chance of error is high with such a long address.