We were pleased at the response to the survey, how many households watched the livestreaming and videos, and the good level of satisfaction with the experience.  The feedback on attending live venues versus livestreaming, and which venues you would attend gave us some guidance on what we may need to do in 2021.  

. As many as 168 households were watching the livestreaming at one time.
. Over 200 households requested the videos.
. Many households experienced both livestreaming and video.
. 50% used a computer, 30% an IPad or tablet and the rest used a smart phone or TV.
. With no open venues for lectures, 84% would use livestreaming and/or video again.
. With venues open, 75% had a definite preference for one location or method; the other 25% would make use of multiple options.
.  Of that 75% who a definite preference, 71% chose New Life Church, 22% chose livestreaming to Simcoe St & Creemore, and 7% chose video.
Overall, 85% deemed the experience satisfactory.

Thank you also for a multitude of comments – many of which expressed appreciation for the effort involved in making these alternatives possible.