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2022 Spring Series – Human Migration and Music

2022-05-06 – Barbara Steed-Young – Session 6 Handout
2022-04-29 – Barbara Steed-Young – Session 5 Handout
2022-04-22 – Barbara Steed-Young – Session 4 Handout Revised
2022-04-08 – Barbara Steed-Young – Session 3 Handout
2022-04-01 – Barbara Steed-Young – Session 2 Handout
2022-03-25 – Barbara Steed-Young – Session 1 handout

2022 Winter Series – Ancient Civilizations

2022-02-11 – John Walsh, PhD – John Walsh_Greece readings
Professor John Walsh’s Reading Material on “The End of the Mycenae” and “The Late Bronze Age” are available on request.  Please email   [email protected]   and we will forward to you.

Any one interested in the possibility of an organized, guided trip to Greece by John Walsh, please email [email protected] to add your name to the list and John Walsh will be in touch with you directly.

2022-02-04 – Prof  Gary Warrick – Warrick Notes & Reading List -Indigenous Peoples.docx
Professor Gary Warrick’s slides of his presentation are available on request.  Please email [email protected] and we will forward to you.

2022-01-21 – Tristan Carter, PhD – Tristan Carter – Neanderthal Lecture     

2021 Spring Potpourri Series

2021-04-23 – Dr. Michael Johns – Populism … Johns – Populism Info Sheet
2021-04-16 – Dr. Michael Johns – Political Trust 
…  Johns – Political Trust Info Sheet

2021-04-09 – Brian Carlyle – Mozart Matters …
Carlile – Mozart Matters

2021-03-26 – Dr. Feltmate – Hotter, Wetter, Wilder.  Website: www.intactcentre.ca

Recommended reading for his lecture follows:
1.  3-Steps-to-Home-Flood-Protection_Oct-2020

2.  https://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/flood-report-1.5676624


2021 Humans and Space
If and when material is provided by the lecturers, it will be available here.

2020 Canadian Foreign Policy:  1968-Present
E120- Dr. Chapnick’s Responses to Extra questions
E126-2020-05-08 Lecture 6 Trudeau-2015 Summary
E125-2020-05-01 Lecture 5 Harper 2006-2015 Summary
E124-2020-04-24 Lecture 4 Chretien – Martin 2001-2006 Summary
E123-2020-04-17 Lecture 3 Chretien 1993-2001 Summary
E122-2020-04-03 Lecture 2 Mulroney 1984-1993 Summary
E121-2020-03-27 Lecture 1 Trudeau 1968-1984 Summary
E120- Q&A for Canadian Foreign Policy

2020 Water Issues in Ontario Extras
Regional  water organizations… Local Water Groups- Georgian Bay Forever, Blue Mountain Watershed Trust  –  Protecting our Ecosystem
E116-2020-02-14 Whats Happening with Water SLIDESHOW
E116-2020-02-14 What’s Happening with Water in the Georgian Triangle
E115-2020-02-07 Hydro Meteorological and Biological Events SLIDESHOW
E114-2020-01-31 Management and Government SLIDESHOW
E114-2020-01-31 The Legal Framework for Water Management
E113-2020-01-24 Groundwater Soil SLIDESHOW
E113-2020-01-24 Groundwater

E112-2020-01-17 Surface Water  SLIDESHOW
(Please see last page on SLIDESHOW for Link to Video)
E111-2020-01-10 Ontario’s Hydrology LeDrew SLIDESHOW
E111-2020-01-10 Ontario’s Hydrology LeDrew

2019-20 Fascinating Aspects of the Brain Extras
E106-2019-11-22-My Pain – It’s Personal!
E105-2019-11-15-Further information on Cannabis Research
E105-2019-11-15-The Evolving Landscape of Cannabis in Canada
Sleep and the Rhythm of Life
E103-2019-11-01-Your Amazing Plastic Brain – No handout provided

E102-2019-10-25-Brain Bacteria & Behaviour Slide Show
E101-2019-10-18-Recommended Reading from Marla Sokolowski
E101-2019-10-18-The Interplay between Genes and Environment

2019-20 Perspectives Extras
E93-2019-09-20 – The Arctic in the Modern Era – No handout provided

2018-19-The Radio Documentary:Ideas in Sound
E86-2019-05-10 – Contrapuntal Radio:  The Documentaries of Glen Gould – No handout provided.  Glen Gould – CBC Ideas – The Solitude Trilogy.  The three documentaries are viewable on “youtube” as follows:

1. Part 01:  The Idea of the North (1967) …  Part 01: youtube
2. Part 02:  The Latecomers (1969) …. Part 02: youtube
3. Part 03:  The Quiet in the Land (1977) … Part 03: youtube
E85-2019-05-03 – The Nuts and Bolts – No handout provided
E84-2019-04-26 – Composing with Sound – No handout provided
E83-2019-04-12 – Tell Me A Story – No handout provided
E82-2019-04-05 – The Documentary Idea – No handout provided
E81-2019-03-29 – Where Ideas Come From – No handout provided

2018-19 The Russian Century, 1917-2017 Revolutions Without End
E76-2019-02-15- Russian Resurgence
E75-2019-02-08-The Gorbachev-Revolution
E74-2019-02-01 Lecture 4 Part 1 – From Kruschev to Brechnev (Slides)
E74-2019-02-01 Lecture 4 Part 2 – From Kruschev to Brezhev (Slides)
E74-2019-02-01 Lecture 4 – From Krushchev to Brezhnev (Dr. Friesen’s Handout)
            Dr. Plach did not provide a handout.
E73-2019-01-25-Horrific-World-War, Avoidable?
E71-2019-01-11-From-Nicholas-II-to Lenin-Russia-and-the-Revolutionary-Year-of-1917
E70- Dr. Friesen’s tour of Russia

2018-19 Behind the Scenes at Stratford Extras
E66-2018-11-16 Reviewing the Stratford Festival
E65-2018-11-09 – Running the Show: The Art of Stage Management – no handout provided

E63-2018-10-26-Revising-Shakespeare-Summary and 2018-10-26-Revising Shakespeare-Reading-List
E62- 2018-10-19 – Getting Scripts Up on Stage – no handout provided
E61 – 2018-10-12-the-Art -of-Theatre-at-the-Stratford-Festival

2018-19 Perspectives Extras
E53-2018-09-21 – Inuit Art in Canada – no handout provided
E51-2018-09-07-Is-Digital-Jouralism Making Us Stupider?