WHERE: Lectures may be viewed on your smartphone, Smart TV as well as your computer or tablet and also sent from them to your TV.
For more information, click on Viewing GTLLI Videos at Home.  
To test that your system is compatible with the video player before buying, view the demo video . Click ….demo.

WHEN: A video of each lecture will be viewable 1-2 days after the live lecture, for a period of 2 weeks.
For instance the Sept 7 lecture will be available online from Sept 9 to Sept 23.

TICKETS: An unlimited number of ‘video passes’, by the course or by individual lectures are for sale on-line for as long as a video is available. 

WHO MAY BUY: Anyone, current Member or not, may buy a video pass if they have created a GTLLI account on this website.
Buying a video pass does not make you a regular Member.

PRICES: You are welcome to invite friends to view it with you.
Until Sept 1, 2018 the bundle of 4 Perspectives lectures is $32 and the 6-lecture Fall, Winter and Spring courses  are $48.
Individual lectures will be for sale closer to the live lectures.

Each lecture will use approximately the same amount of internet bandwidth as streaming a 2 hour movie or sports event.

Questions on the videos? Ask us ……. video-questions

ACCESS: You will receive a confirmation of your order at the time of purchase. When the video you bought is available, log into your account on this website, click on Video Passes and select the video you wish to view. If you bought more than one video and 2 or more are viewable at the same time, click on the earliest one and scroll down to see the others.