Week # 10 – Groundwater and Aquifers – Are They At Risk?
*** See viewing hints below.

Viewing hints –
. You can stop and start as often as you like.
. If you are on a small device, turning it sideways may give a better picture.
. Move your cursor or touch the screen to make the control bar appear.
The controls on the bar will vary with the device you use – computer, Ipad, phone, TV.
Try whatever icons you see on your control bar to see what they do.
eg. . To move backward or forward, drag the time button. 
           .The blue bars (if you have them) control the volume but so does your device.
           . The 4-dot icon provides full screen viewing. 
                   Press the escape key, a back arrow or the double arrows to return to this size.
           . The ‘daisy’ controls the quality and speed. To reduce the bandwidth used, reduce the quality.