Lectures Available Online as Recorded Video

All 2018-19 lectures will be available as recorded video.

An unlimited number of video passes will be  sold as long as a video is available.
Passes are sold individually as well as in economical bundles when 5 or 6 lectures are still available.
For the details on GTLLI’S Video Program click …..here.
To buy, log in to your GTLLI account and go to Purchase Tickets/Passes.

if you do not have an account, create one by going to Login/Create Account on the main menu above.

To see the video you bought, log into your account, click on Video Passes and click on the earliest video you bought. Scroll down for later videos. The handout/summary provided by each lecturer is available with the video, under Video Passes.
If you have questions related to the videos, click on … Video Comments/Questions

For online Information on how to view GTLLI videos on your computer, tablet, TV etc, click on …. Viewing-gtlli-videos-at-home
For a free demo video on your computer, tablet, phone or TV click …. here.

Why Watch These Lectures Online?
• The live lecture is sold out.
• You want to better understand your world in 2018.
• You won’t miss the lecture because of a conflicting event.
• You can be anywhere – eg.Creemore, England, Florida.
• You can control the volume, quality/speed, screen size and stop, start, replay as you please.
• You can invite your friends to watch with you at no extra cost.
• You can sit in your favourite chair and enjoy your beverage of choice.