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2020-21 Season

Due to the public health limitations on physical gatherings and the preferences of our Fall lecturers, it is not possible to offer our Fall program as planned. Having looked at various ways to continue your lifelong learning experience, GTLLI  is pleased that some past lecturers have given us their permission to present lectures from previous seasons.
We are hoping to be able to offer you our Winter and Spring lectures in 2021, either in live environments safe for our members or by recorded videos and livestreaming to your homes. Check the website regularly for updates.Fall Season- videos only.

GTLLI’s agreement with the lecturers allows us to make 10 of the best lectures from the past 4 seasons available for a limited time only, free of charge. Starting on September 11th, anyone with a GTLLI account will have access to one of these videos each Friday, for a period of 1 week. For security reasons, our website is accessible from North America only.
Go to the Home Page  or Videos tab for information on the videos.


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