canstockRACE186813951. Can you receive emails from GTLLI?
To receive receipts for your ticket purchases, put in your Contacts list.
To receive other emails from GTLLI, you must also have and in your Contacts list.

canstockRACE186813952. Do you have a GTLLI account under your current email address - and remember your password?
You cannot purchase tickets without it.

If you yourself bought a ticket last year, you already have a GTLLI account.   
To get into your account, (My Account on the main menu), you need to know your username and your password.
If you are successful in logging in to your account, you can edit personal details like passwords , email and home addresses. You can also look at what you purchased last year through My Account.
You are ready for this coming year.

If you are not successful in logging in to your account read more......

If someone else bought a ticket for you last year, you do not have an account. You will not be recognized as a member by the Ticket Purchase system or have access to Member-only sections of this website.
If you choose to create your own account read more......
and remember to Contact Us (on the main menu) so we can update your status to a full member which will allow you to purchase your own ticket and read Member-only information.

If you are new to GTLLI, you need to set up an account.
Go to LogIn/Create Account on the main menu above and register, before you try to buy a ticket.


canstockRACE18681395Still have more questions?
Review FAQ (frequently asked questions), or Contact Us