Purchase Process

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The Basics – 

  • For security reasons, the website is only accessible in North America. If you are abroad, ask a friend to buy for you using your account and password.
  • You must be eligible to buy at the time of purchase.
  • An Active Member is one who held a regular course ticket in the 2018-19 season.
  • You must have a valid email address.
  • You may buy 1 or 2 tickets for each regular course.
  • You do not HAVE to buy for yourself. You can buy for a companion only.
  • Your companion does not have to be the same for all courses. Each course ticket will be personalized.
  • All your tickets can be bought in one sales transaction or multiple transactions. They do not all HAVE to be bought at the same time.
  • You may purchase a video at the same time as regular courses.

 Sales Starting Times 2019-20

  • Volunteers, Founders and Past GTLLI Chairs may buy starting 9 a.m. June 3 They may buy for themselves and 1 other Active Member.
  • Active Members may buy starting 9 a.m. June 10 for themselves and 1 other Active Member.
  • Anyone with a GTLLI account may buy starting 9 a.m. June 17 for themselves and 1 other GTLLI account holder.


1.Go to MY ACCOUNT on the main menu and log in. Do not buy from an account with a fake email address.

Online sales programs limit how long they will wait for you mid-sale to make up your mind or find your wallet.

 HAVE YOUR CREDIT CARD readyGTLLI uses STRIPE (at no cost to you) to manage every transaction.

3.EMPTY YOUR CART before you begin to buy.
Click on the cart icon on the main menu above to look into your shopping cart.
If it is not empty, empty it now by clicking on the beside any item you wish to cancel.

4. RETURN TO SHOP. This will take you back to the main menu to the PURCHASE page.

5. CHOOSE ONE ITEM AT A TIME by clicking on the one you want to buy.
At any time, if you become confused about where to go next, click on your cart icon to return there and continue on.


Check off who the ticket is for – one of you or both of you.

a) Buying for yourself?
When you choose ‘yourself’, the system knows your name and will put it on your ticket.
The system will refuse to take ‘yourself’ if you already have a ticket for the course.

b) Buying for a companion?
If you choose ‘companion’, you must tell the system who that is. Their ticket will be personalized with their name.

The companion ticket can only be bought for others who have an account, are eligible at that time, and don’t already have that ticket.
When sales are open to the public, anyone may buy for anyone with an account.

Your companion must be named for each course. Enter your companion’s last name and SEARCH. The name must match what is on your companion’s GTLLI account. eg. is it Bob or Robert? Is it McLean or MacLean? Try just the last name. Try the first name. When the correct name appears, choose your companion by first ADD ing the companion’s name and then ADD again to the cart.
If the search is not successful, your companion may not be eligible to get a ticket at that time.
If you believe that is an error, email info@gtlli.ca or leave a message at 705 300-3251.

7. CONTINUE SHOPPING after each item.

8. BEFORE you PROCEED  verify that the items in your cart are correct. You can delete any item by clicking on the X.
If you are NOT ready to check out, go to Purchase Videos/Tickets OR click on your cart icon and continue from there.

9. When you are ready…… PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

10. Continue on through PAY VIA STRIPE and then enter your credit card information. You will be asked for the expiry date, the code number on the back of the card, and your postal code (Postcode). then PAY CA$...

11. When you are ready, PLACE THE ORDER.

12. You will get an order CONFIRMATION almost immediately. 

Personalized tickets for all your regular courses will be available at the Registrar’s desk at the first lecture you attend. There are no physical tickets for videos. When the video becomes available, log into MY ACCOUNT and look under Video Passes.

If you require assistance buying, leave a message at  (705) 300-3251 or email info@gtlli.ca 

Regular Course Lecture and Ticket Information

Regular Course Lectures

Time: Lectures are held Friday mornings 10:00am until 12 noon.
You will be seated after 9:30 when sound checks with the lecturer have been completed.

Location: The New Life Church, 28 Tracey Lane, Collingwood, east off Hurontario, north of Poplar Sideroad.

on site but hampered by nearby construction traffic.
Please co-operate with the parking attendants. Carpooling is strongly recommended.

Refreshments: coffee, tea, juice and water are provided at the break. Please do not take liquid into the sanctuary.

Regular Course Ticket Sales for the New Life Church

Dates:  Tickets are sold on this website in May or June of each season.

Buyers: must have a valid email address and log in to their GTLLI account.
if you don’t have an account , read – Creating a GTLLI account.
We accept both Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards and Visa gift cards.
GTLLI does not offer refunds.

Receipts: If you have a valid email address, a ticket purchase is quickly followed by an emailed order confirmation.
Do not buy from within an account with an invalid email address.

Tickets: No physical ticket is produced with a purchase.
Your personalized tickets for the entire season will be available in a GTLLI lanyard at the first lecture you attend.
The tickets in the lanyard are your admittance to lectures.

Limited to 2 tickets: You may buy 2 tickets for each regular course.
When sales are limited to Volunteers, Founders and Past GTLLI Chairs, they may buy for any Active Member.
When sales are limited to Active Members, the second ticket must also be for an Active Member
When sales are open to Account Holders and the public, anyone with an account can buy for anyone with a GTLLI account.
When buying for the 2020-21 season, an Active Member is one who had a regular course ticket for the previous 2019-20 GTLLI season at New Life Church.
Anyone who did not buy a ticket for a 2019-20 season regular course in the New Life Church is deemed ‘Not a current member’.
Founders’ Lecture tickets and video passes do not require or bestow membership.

Walk-in tickets:  a limited number are available for $10 (cash) at each lecture, space permitting.
You will be seated after regular ticket holders…….read more



2019-20 Winter Course


Water is an absolute necessity for life on earth, but reckless consumption and mismanagement has created a global crisis. This course will focus on the complex issues, dynamics, and techniques of managing water as a finite resource on a global and local scale. 

Jan 10: Ontario’s Hydrology 

This introductory lecture will provide an overview of the course- the why, what, when, where and how of global water issues. Special focus is on the science of hydrological cycle, cryosphere- snow and ice, impacts of climate change and a case-study of Southern Ontario.

Guest Lecturer Dr. Ellsworth LeDrew, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Waterloo.

Jan 17: Surface Water

 A look at how we use surface water in municipal, agricultural, and industrial sectors. We will also learn about the pathways of pollutants, water filtration and wastewater treatment facilities. Our focus will be on the lakes and rivers of Ontario.

Jan 24:  Groundwater and Aquifers- Are they at risk?

Groundwater is an essential source of freshwater for Ontario residents especially in rural areas. To understand the complexity of groundwater, we will examine the hydrogeological systems, policies, governance and management with the case-study of Nestle water takings.

 JAN 31: The Legal Framework for Water Management and Governance.

 Water governance and management is a complex system of infrastructure, legislations and policies.  A look at Ontario’s Clean Water Act, Source Water Protection Act and other legislations.

 Feb 7: Hydrometereological and Biological Events

 Weather, water and disease related disasters will be examined especially in the context of climate change.  Issues include drought, flooding, contaminants and health impacts. A case-study of the Grand River flood management will be discussed.

 Feb 14:  Water issues in the Georgian Triangle

 Collingwood harbour was listed as one Area of Concern (AOC) by Environment Canada. In 1994 this area was the first one to be delisted. Are the problems resolved? What are the major concerns of this region now? We will look at problems such as declining lake levels, pollution, invasive species and fishery changes.

Dr. Romila Verma is an innovative teacher, researcher, speaker and author. She is one of the leading voices on global water issues. She lectures on water and environmental issues in the School of the Environment and Department of Geography at the University of Toronto. She is the Founder of the non-profit organization, Water Speaks. She is also the Co-Founder of Trans Africa Pipeline, an infrastructure project that will build and connect desalination plants on the East and West coasts of Africa to the Sahel desert region of central Africa.


2019-20 Fall Course




Oct 18: The Interplay between Genes and Environment.

Previous ideas about the origins of our individual differences were based around the nature-nurture dichotomy. Current research shows that not only are we born with genetic predispositions but our genes also listen to our experience as we develop. This gene-environment interplay moulds our bodies and minds making us who we are.

Marla B. Sokolowski PhD, FRSC is a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at University of Toronto. She codirects the Child and Brain Development Program at the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research. Her research on how genes interact with the environment to impact behaviour has achieved worldwide acclaim.

Oct 25: Bacteria and Behaviour: Curious Travels in Another World

This discussion will reveal the amazing bacterial world in which we live (we are their guests). We learn how science supports the possibility and even likelihood that our gut bacteria influence our behaviour in health and disease.

 Dr. John Bienenstock, CM, FRCPC, MD (Hon), FRSC is an active researcher, currently Director of the Brain-Body Institute at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. He is a Member of the Order of Canada, inductee into The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame and former Dean & Vice-President of Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University.

Nov 1: Your Amazing Plastic Brain

The brain has an incredible power for self-healing through its natural plasticity.  What is the power of neuroplasticity? If this power exists why do people with brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, stroke and concussion continue to be compromised years after their neurological events? Dr. Brown will lead us through his studies that focus on encouraging neuroplasticity to effect greater repair and regeneration after injury. 

Dr. Arthur Brown is a Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology at Western University and a Scientist at the Robarts Research Institute. He obtained his PhD in Medical and Molecular Genetics from the University of Toronto and then studied nerve growth in embryos at the Salk Institute in San Diego. His laboratory is focused on developing strategies to improve regeneration in the injured nervous system.

Nov. 8: Sleep and the Rhythm of Life

 The human brain is the most complex known machine in the universe, yet it shuts itself off from the outside world each and every day, for hours on end. Why? Here we identify why rest and sleep evolved in humans and other living things, and how sleep rewires our brains daily to make us who we are.

Richard Horner, PhD, FCAHS is Canada Research Chair in sleep science, Professor of Medicine and Physiology at the University of Toronto, and elected Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences. He has authored over a hundred research papers on sleep science and the book The Universal Pastime: Sleep and Rest Explained.

Nov 15: The Evolving Landscape of Cannabis in Canada

Dramatic changes in the regulation of cannabis have taken place recently most notably its legalization for non-medical purposes on October 17th, 2018. This lecture will review this changing landscape, the risks and harms associated with cannabis, and its potential applications as a medical treatment.

James MacKillop, PhD, is an active researcher and a professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences, McMaster University & St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. He is the inaugural holder of the Peter Boris Chair in Addictions Research, and Co-Director of the Michael G. DeGroote Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research.

Nov 22: My pain – it’s personal!

We all feel pain but our individual experiences are our own. The same stimulus (like a needle) can be experienced differently. People with chronic pain cope and endure at different levels. This lecture will discuss new findings emerging from brain imaging studies that reveal the reasons for these differences, and the ways we can use this information to develop a personalized approach to pain management.

Karen Davis, PhD is a neuroscientist studying the mechanisms underlying pain. She is a professor and senior scientist at the University of Toronto and the Krembil Brain Institute.  Her work over the last 30 years has shaped thinking about pain, the brain, and neuroethics. She has been inducted into the Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars and the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, and is President-Elect of the Canadian Pain Society.


What tickets did I buy?

To confirm what GTLLI tickets you bought, log in to “My Account” and look at the details of your ORDER.
If someone else bought your ticket for you, it will appear under their account, not yours.


Treasures of Russia: Moscow & St. Petersburg – a Tour

In our Russian Century lectures over 6 weeks, Dr. Leonard Friesen and his wife, Mary, gave us a 100 year historical tour from Tsar Nicholas to President Putin and some insight into Russian life and people. He mentioned many places in Russia and in particular, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Having lived in Moscow, they enjoy unique and different places which they like to share. The Friesens  are leading a tour this summer.

To quote Len (as he likes to be called) –
“Mary and I lead tours as a labour of love, and we especially enjoy working through a company that favours small group-sized travel.  I also value that we go beyond the tourist sights so that we can get on city buses and sip coffee in cafes that will be filled with Russians, and no tourists.” 

Please Note: This tour information is provided because a number of our members asked about the tours Mary and Len lead which were mentioned in the lectures. GTLLI is not connected with nor promoting these tours or the company, TourMagination. For information on the company, go to their website and read their About Us.

Treasures of Russia: Moscow & St. Petersburg
Explore the cultural and architectural riches of Russia in St. Petersburg and Moscow and explore its Soviet past. Gain a full understanding of the Mennonite experience in Ukraine through a consideration of the land of Lenin, Stalin, and the Tsars.

For tour details https://www.tourmagination.com/tour/2019-russia