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2018-19 Season – GTLLI- 2018-19-Brochure
2017-18 Season
– GTLLI E-brochure 2017 18
2016-17 Season2016-17-ebrochure
2015-16 Seasonebrochure GTLLI 2015.2016 v7
2014-15 SeasoneBrochure2014-15 gtlli


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Third Age Network

Our Georgian Triangle Lifelong Learning Institute is a member of the Third Age Network.

Third Age learning groups are self-managed groups of seniors providing opportunities for members to share learning experiences in a wide range of subjects. Some groups are associated with universities or colleges while others are located in community centres. There are many groups active worldwide – in the USA, in the UK, in Australia, and in many other countries.

To see the TAN website and Newsletter, click on