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2019-20 Season

The Canadian Foreign Policy course is being live-streamed to your personal devices.  It is free to those who previously bought a ticket to New Life Church, Simcoe Street Theatre, and Creemore.  GTLLI membership and free videos are included with the live-streaming pass.  Venues at New Life Church, Simcoe Street Theatre and Station on the Green in Creemore are cancelled.

For a printable 2019-20 brochure, click on … GTLLI-2019-20 Brochure

Tickets are sold online only.
There is a limit of 2 tickets per course per person.
Active Members are those who have tickets for regular lectures in 2019-20 (live or livestreamed).

2019-20 – Perspectives  ($35)for course description


2019-20 – Fascinating Aspects of the Brain ($50) ... for course description

2019-20 – Water Issues in Ontario ($50) … for course description

2019-20 – Canadian Foreign Policy: 1968-Present ($50) … for course description


Founders’ Lecture ……read more