Account holders may buy 2 tickets for each of the regular GTLLI courses – Perspectives, Fall, Winter and Spring.

1. Anyone wishing to buy must log into their GTLLI account and have a valid email address.
2. The buyer must be eligible to buy at that time as does any companion they are buying for.
Volunteers, Founders and past GTLLI Chairs may begin to buy June 3, 2019.
Active Members are eligible to buy starting June 10, 2019.
Others may begin to buy June 17, 2019.

3. As a buyer you may buy for yourself alone or a companion only or both.
4. Select which person you want to buy for…. yourself or companion.
If you choose yourself, the system knows your name because you logged in.
If you choose companion, you will be asked to enter their name so the system can determine if they are eligible to get a ticket.
Click on ADD to specify them as your companion and then ADD them to your cart.

5. If you want a second ticket, CONTINUE SHOPPING and click on your remaining option.
6. DO NOT change the name in the Billing Information.
It should always have the name of the buyer, not the ticket holder.