1. Go to Create Account/Log in on the main menu.

2. Log in to your account with your username or email address and your password. 
The system now knows who you are and whether you are a member.

3. Go to Purchase Tickets/Passes on the main menu.
The top part of the screen is general information, and below that is a rough outline of how to buy.
Scroll down to see what is for sale.
Look at what is available to you and decide what you want to buy.
It there is a small lock beside an item, you are not eligible to buy it. For instance, some products can only be bought by members.
Members sometimes get a lower price than the public on video passes.
Perspectives has 3 or 4 videos. The other regular Courses have 6 videos. If you buy the bundle of all lectures in a course, it is cheaper than buying them individually.
Videos are available for 2 weeks only after the live lecture so note when they expire..
Once 2 videos have expired (disappeared), the bundle is not a bargain. Buy them individually.

4.Click on the video pass you want and a more detailed picture will appear.
If you want it, <ADD TO CART>.
If you want another one, <CONTINUE SHOPPING>.
Follow the prompts to pay with your credit card
You can stop your order at any time if you haven’t paid by clicking on the back arrow at the top left.

When you have completed the purchase, you will get an immediate confirmation of your order.
The system will remember who you are and what you bought.

5. To see what you bought – go to My Account on the main menu and look at Video Passes.
You can click on Orders and see every order you ever made on the system.

6. For instructions on how to watch your video, click on watching-your-videos