Founders’ Lectures

After months of complaining about the lack of interesting educational opportunities in the Georgian Triangle, a group of seniors sitting around a picnic table made a breakthrough decision. One of them finally stood up and said “Enough talk. Let’s do it. Here’s my $50.”  Throwing a bill on the table, he challenged the others to join him. They did, and a total of 37 families donated $50 each as seed money to get this new educational thrust started in our community. That was in 1995, and that $1850 has paid rich dividends. That was the beginning of GTLLI.

None of the founding families received any financial return, but they did have the satisfaction of starting something of value to themselves and many others like them.  Annual membership in GTLLI now exceeds 600 persons. In 2004, the GTLLI Board of Directors thought that  it was time to recognize its Founders by establishing a Founders’ Lecture.  Periodically, an exceptional speaker is invited to give an evening lecture to members of GTLLI and the public at large. On April 6, 2004, Stephen Lewis delivered our Inaugural Founders’ Lecture to a sold-out crowd at the Gayety Theatre in Collingwood. Lectures continue on a regular basis with speakers of outstanding credentials.



2004 Apr 6, Stephen Lewis: “Where in the World is the World headed?” –  Gaiety Theatre. 385 tickets

2006 May 2, Bob Rae: “Canadian Political Challenges”  – Craigleith Ski Club   405 tickets

2006 Oct 4, Janice Gross Stein: “The Political Middle East on Fire” – Craigleith Ski Club. 521 tickets

2007 Oct 3, Douglas Bland: “War and Peace: Canada, Parliament and You” –  Craigleith Ski Club. 312 tickets.

2008 May 7, David Halton: “Faith and Politics in the U.S.A ” –  Craigleith Ski Club. 455 tickets

2009 Apr 30, James Orbinski: “Equity and Global Health” –  Craigleith Ski Club. 546 tickets.

2010 May 6, Tom Clark: “The Truth about Journalism” – Craigleith Ski Club. 456 tickets.

2011 May 5, Paul Heinbecker: “Getting back in the Game; How to Regain Canada’s Place in the World” –       Craigleith Ski Club. 362 tickets

2012 Oct 12, Brian Stewart: “Hope out of Ruins” – Craigleith Ski Club. 424 tickets.

2013 Sep 17, Margaret MacMillan: “1914: Europe’s Roads to the Great War”- Craigleith Ski Club 525 tickets.

2015 May 12, Janice Stein: “The Unmaking and Remaking of the Middle East” –  Craigleith Ski Club   550 tickets

2017 Oct 10, The Honorable Michael Wilson: “State of the Nations”- Craigleith Ski Club  500 tickets