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Videos of completed 20018-19 lectures as well as 2 lectures from 2017-18 are on sale until June 2019. 
Two samples from the Perspectives series may be seen here…….watch video clips 

Volume control will vary with the device you are using. There may be small vertical volume bars on the bottom control bar in the video, or you may have to use the volume control on your particular device or the volume control on the TV itself. Try all to see what combination works for you. If still not loud enough, use headphones or the small earphone buds plugged into your Laptop/IPad/tablet/phone to improve the sound.

For a list of available videotaped lectures ………GTLLI Videos
Lectures are available online as recorded video from 2 days after the event…… GTLLI’s Video Program.
Single $10 videos are viewable online for 2 weeks immediately following purchase.
Every video in a bundle of 4 ($32) or 6 videos (
$48) is viewable for the 7 and 9 weeks respectively after purchase of the bundle.
To buy a video, log into your account and go to Purchase Video/Tickets above.
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GTLLI’s 2018-19 season continues Friday, March 29,  2019……. The Radio Documentary: ideas in Sound

Hall tickets are sold out but $10 walk-in tickets for a single lecture will be available ..Walk-in tickets
Video recordings of the lectures will be available online as described above in GTLLI VIDEO.
Extra material provided by lecturers is available under Resources above.

Anyone with a GTLLI account may buy
our lectures. We accept credit cards and gift cards. No refunds.
To buy video passes or tickets to a live lecture, log into your account and go to Purchase Videos/Tickets on the main menu.
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Descriptions of all lectures are available below and in a printable brochure…. .. GTLLI- 2018-19-Brochure