The availability of walk-in tickets for future series will be determined lecture by lecture.
Check this website for up-to-date information on ticket availability.
If you would like to attend the next Archaeology lecture
• Come to the registrar’s desk at the New Life Church before the lecture but after 9:30.
• Register your presence on the Walk-in list.
• After the regular tickets holders have been seated, and about 10 minutes before the lecture, buy a $10 ticket (cash).
• To gain entrance, give your ticket to the ‘door-keepers’. Please find a seat quickly. Seats are most likely to be available in the Library and on the sides.

The day before the live lecture, lecturers may make lecture handouts, slides, or reading lists available to GTLLI members only. To see those, members must log in and click on  Extras.

The ‘walk-in ticket’ does not carry a membership with it.
There is no guarantee that a ticket or seat will be available.

We appreciate your feedback on the process. Use Contact Us.