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Fall Course 2017, 10am Oct.13, 20, 27, Nov, 3, 17, 24  ***SOLD OUT***

INSIDE ARCHAEOLOGY:      Tracing our Complex Past

Lecture 6 - Nov. 24: Origin of Maize Farming in Ontario

Until about AD 500, the native peoples of southern Ontario, like their earlier Chinese counterparts, were hunter-gatherers.  At that time, maize (corn) started to be grown here.  This triggered the development of Iroquoian culture (e.g. the Huron or Wendat).  We’ll explore the origins of maize in Mexico and trace its path to Ontario.  Then, we’ll examine the archaeology of the Grand River Valley where archaeologists (particularly Prof. Crawford and his team) have found the earliest evidence of the first farmers in the province.


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Lecture 5 - Nov. 17: Dawn of Farming in Ancient China

GARY CRAWFORD, FRSC, is a Professor in the Dept. of Anthropology at U.of T., Mississauga.  His archaeological research has taken him throughout eastern North American, China and Japan.  He is co-author of Human Evolution and Prehistory, and he hosted and co-authored a TVO series: Archaeology from the Ground Up.

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